Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 278: Ne te quaesiveris extra.

Feeling a bit uninspired this morning, I followed my reading of The Power of Now with some Emerson. I enjoyed the beginning of his essay "Self-Reliance" (which happened to start on page 113) before the chillingly good prose turned into insufferable pontificating on his part. All's well that starts well?

After a shower, I did some stretches while quizzing Priya on some Latin abbreviations. This lasted quite a while, before we both keeled over for a nap.

Princess Ratna awoke at 6 for a massage by a therapist who asked if she was a) stressed, b) in the computers field, and c) left-handed. Ummm, only one of the above?

In the evening, we went out for dinner and this vegetable freak feasted on some delicious (and artsy) greens.

I'm still sick but let's see how tomorrow goes!

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