Monday, June 18, 2012

Día 291: I'd already know.

My mornings here are like meditation in themselves. This morning, I did a really fun workout preceded by a few rounds of sun salutation, and then Elena Auntie told me to listen to her beautiful music by Silvio Rodriguez and Joan Manuel Serrat while reading the lyrics, to practice my Spanish.

Over breakfast, we discussed the environmental curse that is plastic use these days. We use plastic for everything, when we could be using petroleum so much more efficiently!

We set out leisurely around noon to climb Monserrate, a mountain in the center of Bogotá. The weather was idyllic all day (kind of rare for this city) and we enjoyed the beautiful view from atop the hill immensely.

We wandered about taking photos and made our way to the church at the top of the hill.

After checking this out and lighting a candle for the health of our families, we went in search of what we were really looking for -- lunch. We achieved our goal at a cafe in a row of cafes that all served the same thing, arbitrarily selecting one and surprisingly finishing everything on the rather heaping plates in front of us.

We then had to bid the beautiful Monserrate “adios” for the day.

Tia and I sauntered downtown with the sun beating down on our backs, for a walk through the Museo Botero. Botero is famous for his exaggeratedly big figures.


A stroll through the museum had me feeling pretty skinny, and Elena Auntie and I spoiled ourselves with a mandarin and mango juice respectively in La Candelaria just afterward.

This is an apartment building -- I think I'm moving.

Then, she went out to run an errand as I let myself into her apartment to meditate for 27 minutes and nap for 3 before my Spanish class.

Having done my Spanish homework, dried my laundry, cooked my dinner, washed my dishes, and written this post twice because my computer crashed the first time, I hope now to speed me to bed.

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