Friday, June 29, 2012

Día 302: ¡La tecnología me atropella!

Colombian food will be the death of me. I ate 6 meals today; 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners. I've truly had a tough time convincing my friends here that I usually don't eat much!

After my already-heavy breakfast of arepas and chocolate had been inhaled this morning, I arrived at the office to calls of "¡empanadas!" from Diana. We went on a mission for these crunchy snacks, which Diana eventually found at a construction site.

I somehow acquired a bag of 4 croissants on this voyage, which, I swear, I proceeded to share with my office mates.

Beyond stuffed, I spent a while exploring the conservation software Miradi further with Diana this morning, creating a fictional project #113 called "¿De donde viene la cumbia?" as an example.

I at first elected not to go out for lunch today and instead chow on some leftover pizza, but this snack left me yet unsated and so I ventured to Miriam Camhi for a wrap Mejicano and a chocolate and nutella souffle. Lord have mercy.

In the afternoon, Diana and I underwent a training by Harvard ManageMentor on creating a business plan, which was rather unpleasant in its structure and content, and solicited a few scowls from this future Harvard student.

In the afternoon, Rosario sent us a document in "Spanglish" which Diana, Kate, and I tag-teamed to get edited and out the door. Also in the afternoon, Diana and I went out for assorted errands including getting sunscreen and a 6-dollar haircut.

I left the office and met my teacher at our apartment at 6, commencing another conjugation-crazy class. I spent the last minute of this class trying to talk him out of giving me homework over the long weekend, but alas, he purveyed it, and I thought it best to complete it.

I'm now eating my third dinner, churning out this post, and preparing to polish my packing for the puente -- to be spent in Cartagena!

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