Friday, June 22, 2012

Día 295: I miss everything that wasn't said.

I started my penultimate chapter in The Power of Now this morning, and my yoga was augmented by exercises taught to me by my Tia Elena.

Upon arriving at work, I asked Diana what our plan for this weekend would be -- this is the itinerary that she whipped up for me.

Today’s was the last round of copy-editing for the TNC’s International Climate Initiative proposal, so it was high energy and required a lot of café Colombiana.

Over lunch, Diana and Mauricio introduced me to Wok, where we enjoyed some scrumptious sushi.

We also took a few moments to review the various nicknames I have accumulated from my colleagues over the last two weeks:

Irrespetuosa - disrespectful

Grosera - rude

Maleducada - badly brought up

Consentida - spoiled

Malcriada - badly behaved

After lunch, I finished up my last look at the proposal and then made my way to the World Bank office in Bogotá. Here, Papa introduced me to his wonderful colleagues Daniel and Natália, whom I look forward to getting to know better over the next few weeks. Their office has a spectacular view!

I arrived home breathless, just a few minutes ahead of my Spanish teacher, and enjoyed my lesson, during which we reviewed numbers in Spanish. What Mario doesn’t know is that it’s not the Spanish that gives me trouble -- numbers seem to be my weakness in every language.

We enjoyed some Tia-made pasta for dinner and it’s now time for me to pack! Diana, Federico (Diana's husband), and I will be making our way tomorrow to a nearby colonial town called Villa de Leyva, and spending the night at the Iguaque Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna -- forgive me if I have no internet access and am not able to post tomorrow!

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  1. You are not allowed to return from this wildlife sanctuary without photos of armadillos. Find me one so I can live vicariously through you!