Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Día 299: Development is keeping what you have.

As seems to be common in the story of my existence, I woke up this morning sick with a stomach infection (shame on me for drinking tap water at Iguaque!).

But as Kate and I were discussing just yesterday, there's a world of difference between being unwell in Colombia and in the States! I hopped on Skype for a second to let my boss know that I wouldn't be coming in, and within an instant all of my TNC colleagues were shooting me "¡pobrecita enfermita!" and "get well soon!" messages. People are so warm here. This is the life.

Diana even went so far as to order a medicine for me and have the pharmacy deliver it to my house! My day was a string of naps, crackers, and electrolyte-refreshing drinks.

Continuing to demonstrate Colombian hospitality and sweetness, Paula paid me a visit in the afternoon to chat about life, tell me all the things I shouldn't have been eating today, and aid me in making fun of my father. Her first words upon my opening the door were "you look horrible!" -- which I actually appreciated a lot. :) Papa's presence wasn't all bad: he brought me some food and an amazing present from Natalia, my "Colombian Mama."

This lovely journal held inside a note about how I should jot down my pensamientos (thoughts) here and my consciousness will grow like the arboreal tresses of the young girl on the cover. How beautiful!

For a sick day, today has really been very nice . . .

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