Thursday, June 21, 2012

Día 294: "Society can be a wilderness too."

Today started as many of the best days do -- with a great conversation. Ben and I met for breakfast and “meditation talk,” and ended up hitting on many of the thoughts that have been flitting through my mind lately, about college, life, self-actualization, and other such fairly grand topics.

It’s a bit difficult to return to work after a talk like this, but this morning, it was time to buckle down and finalize the phrasing of the ICI proposal...for real. Diana and Julianna plugged away while I made rude remarks that earned me the nickname “ill-mannered” in Spanish from my colleagues.

For lunch, some of us went to El Corral, but Mauricio and I made for the mall to do some errands. As he found an ATM, I searched for a “secret book” which I only later revealed to him was his very own copy of The Power of Now, in which he had expressed an interest at lunch yesterday.

The afternoon held a bit more of the same “hawk-eyed copy editing” before we felt like we were at a good stopping point. This also seemed like a good point to go out for farewell drinks for Ben. I enjoyed my mango smoothie and the usual chistoso conversation before it was, sadly enough, time to say “再見” to Benjamin!

Back home, I had my first real exchange of today with the birthday girl, our very own Laurita Kambourian, the best person I know.

After a talk too short and lightning-paced summaries of our days, we had to put our discussion on pause as I went to dinner with my Colombian family, to celebrate both Laura’s birthday and the anniversary of Viviana and Leo.

We had a nice dinner with wonderful desserts and plenty of jokes at the expense of Papa’s Spanish, and I’m now home speeding to finish this post before midnight!

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