Thursday, June 28, 2012

Día 301: "Eres muy pila."

For my first breakfast this morning, I had rice, potatoes, and Spanish homework.

When I got to work, Diana immediately started raving about one of her favorite conservation-related softwares, Miradi, and encouraged me to read the Open Standards of the same -- a series of best practices for designing, managing, monitoring, and learning from conservation projects.

We took a very sudden break from this pursuit when a craving for pan de chocolate overcame me and I had to get some. Diana and I walked a few blocks up the street to make the purchase that would cause the commencement of my consumption of countless calories for today.

Pan de chocolate, literally "bread of chocolate" is just normal whole grain bread with huge chunks of dark chocolate therein. ¡Dios mio!

Too soon after devouring this delicacy, it was time for lunch. Mauricio showed us the fancy Club Colombia today, and my collegas and I enjoyed huge portions and invasive conversation for a while before returning to work.

Upon doing so, Mauricio decided to act upon Papa's advice and enlist my efforts in a project more intellectually confounding than what I've been working on. He is to design a corporate platform, selecting around 20 organizations (from a list of 116 -- ¡caramba!) to be supporters of The Nature Conservancy's Magdalena River Project. This process is complicated slightly by the fact that the list that contains the potential organizations is entirely en Español and no criteria have been developed as of yet to actually select the supporting organizations. I guess this is my reto (challenge) for . . . the rest of my time here!

Utterly puzzled by this project, I left the office and, after convincing my taxi driver that I definitely am not from Brasil (as much as I wish that were true), found out that his sister lives in Boston! He encouraged me to check out her glass school near Harvard next year -- how interesting!

I barely had time to scarf down some pizza and review a document Elena Auntie wanted me to look at before it was time for my Spanish class. I was more delirious than usual today, as I completed my conjugations crazily and in an annoyingly exaggerated Mexican accent.

I'm now rocking out to some Reggaeton supplied to me by Diana -- Latin music makes it impossible not to move!


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