Sunday, June 10, 2012

Día 283: No te va a gustar.

This morning, I received news that the Times of India articles about Gyaan Ghar have been published! Journalist Nidhi Singhi, who interviewed me when I was in India, has written one piece about our vision for the school, and another about the school's day-to-day activities and the students' progress.

Click here to read the former article and here for the latter.

After I had read these and sent them all over, I hopped in the shower and Tia and I sped to her sister's house for an outing. We drove to the north of Bogotá this morning to visit a friend of Mario Uncle (Elena Auntie's brother-in-law), who is a bishop. Hector is currently living in the beautiful and grand Centro Sacerdotal San Juan María Vianney, a retreat for members of the Church. What a view!

After we received a tour of his spectacular residence, mass was held. I am proud to say that I heard my first Catholic mass all in Spanish!

Around noon, we went to a nearby cafe and enjoyed a typical Colombian Sunday brunch, complete with countless types of meat, arepas, corn, baby potatoes, and guacamole! I'm not much of a meat-eater but this was really good.

What made it even better was our charming surroundings, completely representative of temperamental Bogotá weather.

Our drive home featured the same, and Elena Auntie and I both fell asleep on the way. My delicious coffee was consumed at an hour a bit too late last night, and I therefore hadn't slept very well. We both hid from la lluvia and cuddled up in our rooms for lengthy naps upon returning home.

I awoke to meditate and make myself some soggy lasagna.

The lack of flavor in my food was countered by the warmth of catching up with a few old friends on Skype. It's time for Tia and me to do some organizing before bed!

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