Monday, June 11, 2012

Día 284: No dar papaya.

One side of the highway is closed on weekends in Bogotá, and since today was a holiday, the ciclovía was in full swing!

Elena Auntie and I met with her friend Patricia and her grandson Samuel for a visit to the street market held on Calle 119 on the weekends. We walked 5 kilometers to the lovely display of traditional wares, and settled in for a snack before checking out the market.

There were bolsas . . .

. . . and boars,

 zapatos . . .

. . . and doors!

The street was so colorful and the weather so wonderful -- we had a great time! I tried many typical foods today: pastel de pollo, empanadas, ajioca, and natural coco ice cream.

Ajioca: soup with chicken, corn, potatoes, and capers -- with avocado on the side!

After lunch, Elena Auntie and I broke off from the rest of the group to go back for a scarf I had had my eye on, and browse some beautiful indigenous jewelry.

We enjoyed a very nice day at the market!

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