Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Día 293: It's all right here.

Climate change has officially arrived in Colombia! The Bogotá sun was my natural hairdryer this morning as soon I left my apartment, yoga done and Power of Now read.

Today was an educative stream of meetings, conference calls, and more conference calls. It was interrupted by a lunch which I really enjoyed at Bagatelle, a cafe/restaurant with fabulous desserts.

This almuerzo was extra special because we were celebrating Ben’s birthday! In honor of his 25th, I asked him to tell me the story of his life, which has been spent thus far, for varying degrees of time, in California, Oklahoma, Paris, New Haven, and China. So cool!

In the afternoon, I helped Diana rephrase the steps of the proposal we’re working on into concise paragraphs for the projected budget of the project. Side-by-side, I made a diagram for her to review the pronunciation of certain similar-sounding words in English.

I then had to run home for my Spanish class, but not before Ben showed me the super catchy TNC video about the Magdalena River.

At home, I meditated briefly before my teacher arrived, but found myself sleepy and somewhat disrespectful during class -- yawn . . .

Papa, Elena Auntie, and I had grand plans to hit the town for dinner tonight, but since it’s raining and my eyes are watering with fatigue, we’re planning to stay in. Let the countdown to Laura’s birthday begin!

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