Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kinnows Wax Delicious -- Ratna Gill, FHS '11 Harvard '16

Today, Nanaji took me to a Kinnow Waxing & Grading Plant, where the citrus fruits grown on our orchard and the surrounding farms are washed, waxed, and graded.

Step 1. Unloading

Crates full of kinnows are unloaded from the trucks that hold them and placed onto the conveyor belt. 

Step 2. Washing

Water is sprayed onto the fruits from above to clean them by removing loose dirt.

Step 3. Waxing

The kinnows are coated in a layer of wax to make them shiny -- just like your car in a car wash!

Step 4. Grading

The fruit is separated into five different categories based on size.

Step 5. Packaging

The kinnows are boxed according to the groups established in Step 4.

And now the kinnows are washed, waxed, graded, boxed, and ready to be shipped out. Harvest season is officially over!

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