Thursday, February 2, 2012

Din 152: Every question today is a loaded one.

After today’s early morning lucubrations, I called Mama and then fell swiftly back to sleep. Nani pulled me out of bed at 9 for my daily maalish, but not before a scrumptious paratha and achaar.

We then hopped in the beautiful backseat for an afternoon of errands in sectors 28, 27, 17, and 8.

Our first stop was an internet cafe. What I mistakenly thought would be a facility where I could connect to wifi via my laptop turned out to be a set of cramped cubicles furnished with antediluvian desktop computers hooked up to broadband. My blog-posting mission proved vain once again. Perhaps I should have divined this reality from the facade of the building.

Nani and I then embarked on a quest to find the golden fleece -- or, more accurately speaking, to purchase an off-white jacket. One of Nani’s very old friends had requested that she pick up this coat from the market for one of her relatives. When Nani couldn’t decipher the woman’s very specific requests, we sped to her home and took her along to the store.

Back home and emaciated after our errands, we were greeted by my whimpering bud Begum.

We soon settled in for a Punjabi winter favorite -- saag (mustard greens) with makki di roti (roti bread made with corn flour).

After our siesta (which might as well be a Punjabi word), Nani and I went out for our daily walk in the park. On our way home, we dropped in at a neighbor’s house to enquire what they do for internet. There, I made a very studious friend named Nirvana -- you rock that cursive, girl!

I hammer out this post as Nani starts to heat our dinner -- let me go be helpful for once!

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