Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Din 160: Gaudeamus hodie!

Today was a splendid day indeed, for the advent of first our wireless connection, and then, more importantly, my Nanaji!

No, my hair hasn't miraculously grown back -- this photo was simply taken in my erst pretty days.

Nani woke me when a mechanic from Airtel had arrived to install the wiring required for our connection. We finished our breakfast of kadhi and parathas before running all about the house (including the roof) to facilitate the installment process.

Atop-house photos for the win!

After this tizzy, I got cozy with my tome and finished the chapter on Aristotle. The end of each section leaves me breathless and struck by Durant's story-like style -- if one didn't have time to read the whole book, I'd recommend just browsing the conclusion of each chapter. Magnificent.

For lunch, Nani had prepared my favorite meal in the whole world -- biryani and raita. The former is rice with meat (mutton in today's case) and the ambrosia which must accompany it is lightly spiced yogurt.


In the afternoon, our wireless router was finally installed -- hallelujah! Its arrival especially showed me that this time without much computer use has in fact been good for my overactive nerves. :)

As the technician was about to leave, Deepu arrived! Just finishing up with him, I handed her The Story of Philosophy and suggested that she do just what I mentioned above -- read the conclusion of the Plato chapter. Soon finished and fully aware of the ins and outs of our new router (not really), I settled in for another great discussion with Deepu. She regaled me with stories of her most interesting students while I reflected on the many ways a teacher can change a life. (With the incredible instructors I've had, this wasn't a laborious thought process in the slightest.) In a few hours, Deepu and I parted, looking forward to meeting again soon.

Back indoors, Toy provided yet another revelation of his true colors during my first computer lesson with Nani.

Don't let the pretty ginger face fool you.

We stepped out to walk the beast, and Nanaji soon arrived! He was startled to find "a grandson instead of a granddaughter" but I was too focused on the newly-landed sacks of fresh kinnows to mind his taunts about my haircut.

Freshly-squeezed juice, here we come.

After a dinner full of college talk and an introductory iPhone lesson for Nanaji, Nani and I settled in for our evening routine. Today's, however, was punctuated by a video chat with Laura, which the three of us enjoyed very much. Having retired to my room, I continued this "heart dump" with my sister before beginning this entry.

"A woman must have [love] and a [router] of her own if she is to write [blog posts]."
--Ratna Woolf

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  1. Hi Ratna - I'm enjoying your blog posts more than ever because it's all so familiar - your grandparents, the house, Begum (ok the one I knew was probably her grandmom) and of course the lazy winter days dedicated to keeping warm and eating huge meals. I'm sure it's a soothing balm after all the hard work and busy days you've left behind. Enjoy yourself : ) P.S. Beware of that deceptively cute but evidently vicious beast your Nani spoils to the hilt.