Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Din 158: “I’ll coal you back.”

We spent this morning in our usual futile anticipation of an Airtel representative to install our wireless router. And as usual, none came.

In the afternoon, I accompanied Nani to Sector 17, the main shopping plaza in Chandigarh. There, I waited in ignorant amazement as she searched for cloth that would match a shirt sample she had.

Nani rewarded my patience by taking me to the bookstore, where I had to try very hard to resist buying another copy of Atlas Shrugged, since I left mine in the US.

This, evening, we headed to Whispering Willows, a gorgeous resort owned by our relatives. There, I got to hang out with my best friends in the whole wide world -- eight-year-old Beeya and six-year-old Uday! As Beeya and I discussed the Harvard admissions process (she just knows she wants to go there), Uday jumped about, trying out different hairstyles and just generally making a lot of noise.

The three of us also enjoyed playing charades, Life, Atlas, and catch. (For this last game, we used a towel instead of a ball, which made it suitable for my level of hand-eye coordination.)

Nani and I are now back home, caught up on all the latest television family dramas, and preparing to sleep. I think I’ll cut my nightly rituals a bit short tonight, as I’m very ready to hit the sack!

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    On the back of the town hall/royal palace in Amsterdam there's a statue of Atlas, and all it makes me want to do is retread that beautiful piece of literature.