Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Din 157: We’ve got our love to pay the bills.

Last night, it rained. The sound of the water itself was so loud that I felt like I was outside (I kind of wish I had been). On top of the downpour, Lord Jupiter sent some of the loudest thunderclaps I have ever experienced. My word!

My day, however, commenced in a sunny fashion with my quotidian citrus concoction and a phone call to Nanaji.

After breakfast, I read and read and read. Aristotle is a fascinating fellow, and Durant’s comparison of the former with Plato is just delectable. Over lunch, I looked on as Nani fed Sher Khan a delectable treat of his own!

We went for a walk in a nearby park after our respective afternoon naps, and then Nani started to prepare dinner. I insisted that she teach me to make Indian bread, and Nani eventually submitted, albeit reluctantly (no one knows better how much of a klutz I am). Our meal was delicious, even if the rotis were a bit lopsided.

Dadi called in the evening, and told me all about the prayer ceremony that was held at our house in Ludhiana today. Women of the neighborhood read the prayers and sang religious songs, while Gyaan Ghar students served everyone a simple meal. Dadi tells me they were very poised and responsible -- I am so proud of them all!

We just finished watching the Zee Cine Awards, and I got to have my heart stolen by the wonderful Ranbir Kapoor all over again. I also got to talk to Priya Didi and Zane Bhaiya! Now a bit of Latin “homework” and it’ll be back to bed for me!

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