Thursday, February 2, 2012

Din 151: “You speak Punjabi?!”

I arose late this morning (as expected after how long yesterday was) and ate what I thought was a really good orange (fruit is mind-blowing in India). I later learned that this was a kinnow, the citrus fruit that Nanaji grows on his farm in Abohar! After a light breakfast of poha and fresh kinnow juice, I got back into bed for my maalish (massage). Bimla Auntie has got to give literally the world’s best massages, and I fell asleep again after this joyful relaxation until early afternoon.

When I awoke, I took a bath, feeling like a princess with a heater and Nani-mixed warm water in my bathroom. I was then shown some of my mom’s suits and sweaters from her college days. Hope you don’t mind that I’m rummaging through your clothes, Mama!

At lunchtime, two of Nani’s cousins came to visit -- Baby Nani and Goody Nani. I had fun seeing them again, and hearing how much I look like Ritu. :)

Our afternoon was spent in search of a nearby internet cafe. When we found the closest one closed, we headed to a friend’s house asking if they had any recommendations. We had no luck, but you might say we were very lucky, because on our way home, we ran into Mrs. Sidhu, Nani’s best friend! She was very surprised that I remember Punjabi, being out of practice in the states (but it is my mother tongue, after all). The three of us then headed to the park for a walk there.

While walking, I got in touch with Deepu Maam, to whom I refer as my tutor in Hindi, Punjabi, and life. Deepu is only a few years older than me, and I consider her a great friend, but I also think of her as a saint. She is unbelievable learned and has one of the best hearts I have ever encountered. We made plans to meet, and I simply can’t wait to see her on Wednesday.

Nani and I are now back home, preparing for Indian dinner and television shows. Yum!

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