Sunday, February 12, 2012

Din 164: Lights that do mislead the morn . . .

I a-rose before 9 today feeling like this:

and fell back asleep after breakfast until noon.

Nanaji made an A+ pasta dish, which I enjoyed while starting the third chapter of The Story of Philosophy. This section begins by summarizing philosophical thought from Aristotle until the Renaissance, and so a large part of today's reading was focused on Lucretius and Epicureanism. Having on so many occasions answered (or rather, watched Woojin answer) Certamen questions on De Rerum Natura, it was nice to finally read a bit about the substance of this tome.

I almost had the audacity to go back to sleep after lunch (I'm sure I could sleep for a week straight), but instead requested that we go on a grand tour of the fields. Nanaji marched ahead as Nani and I followed in tow, imbibing information on the processes of fertilization and irrigation throughout.

It was lovely to see more of the land, including the more mature kinnow crop as well as some wheat and mustard fields.

When we returned home after our adventure, I sent a note to the students of Flint Hill's Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES) class about what I had learned on our walk. Click here to read the post I wrote them.

We'll soon have dinner, after which I will give Nanaji his daily iPhone lesson before Nani and I head across the lawn to our lodging!

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