Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Din 173: I love you unanimously.

I woke up late this morning and readied myself for a brunch meeting of the Park Club Society, of which Dadi is the president. The meeting itself was basically a kitty party, where, after the usual pleasantries ("You don't speak Punjabi, right?" "You only eat bland food, right?" "What, you're not in school?"), the ladies were startled by a new version of Bingo presented by one woman ("This is puzzling. Can we play something simpler?").

I soon grew tired and headed back inside to call Nani and rest. In the early afternoon, Kiran Auntie came over to take me out shopping. We went to West End Mall and I found some nice Indian attire there. She told me about her son Pranap, who is into extreme car racing (I forget the actual name for it) and currently competing in a competition where he has to drive through sand dunes in the desert at night. And my mom gets worried about me when I cross the street!

I returned home to my children. To read about today's class, click here.

I had to give the kids a bit of a lecture today about being respectful as I was presenting directions, which, embarrassingly enough, one of the students caught on camera (I had asked him to click some photos). I now have a very nice video on my computer of what I'm like when I am slightly irked and pontificating in choppy Hindi! :)

After class, I did something I had not done before during this trip to Ludhiana -- took a nap. After the much-needed rest, I called Nanaji and Ruby Chachu before Dadi and I set out for dinner at Nita Bhua's house.

We had a very nice evening! I particularly enjoyed receiving a tour of their house, which has just been completely remodeled. We also discussed plans to clean up an alley near our neighborhood that tends to be littered with household solid waste. The best strategy we concocted tonight was to line the walls of the area with images of religious figures. "Negligence will turn to piety," is basically what Bhua said about the plan. Let's see how it goes!

I'm now back home, pooped, and starting to feel the buzz of an impending headache -- it's time to sign off!

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