Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Din 156: Routines are not my cup of tea.

I woke at the crack of 9:30 to an idli-sambaar breakfast, complete with kinnow juice of course!

This morning, Nani and I went to Nada Sahib gurdwara to pay our respects. After reading me the history of the temple, Nani made a donation of parshaad in my name and we entered the central chamber to pray.

Next, we visited the home of one of Mama’s friends, who runs a small boutique in her house. Param Auntie and Anshu Auntie started when they saw me, saying I look just like Ritu did in her college days -- Param Auntie even recognized the sweater I was wearing as one of my mom’s!

Auntie showed me around her workshop, and I got to see hand embroidery in action for the first time.

We then toured her house, and I learned that her younger sister runs an after-school activity center for toddlers, similar in its mission to Gyaan Ghar. How cool!

Back home, we enjoyed our lunch before taking some rest. In the afternoon, I got to see Deepu again! Our discussion was all over the place, but generally danced around books, Indian schools, and religion. When raving about The Story of Philosophy, I shared with Deepu my discovery that the pursuits that give me the most pleasure are reading well-written words and speaking well-worded thoughts. In other words, good literature and great conversation are my lifeblood. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. :)

We will soon head to our next-door neighbor’s house for some post-publishing, after which we will visit another tailor to see how Punjabi she can make me look despite my current haircut (i.e. whether she can stitch me a suit).

I then look forward to a preprandial stroll, dinner, and my usual nighttime routine.

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