Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Din 180: I know where the time goes.

I yanked myself out of bed at 7:06am (Ludhiana time) to call Priya at the exact time of her birth -- 8:36pm (EST). After talking to her for two hours and wishing her a happy birthnight, I lay my weary head down to rest. At some points during these next few hours, I got a massage and played a GRE vocabulary game on Dictionary.com (if only I had known what "quaff" means!).

I recovered from my daze and washed up in time for the arrival of Jaan Bhaiya, my soccer-playing, apple-cutting cousin.

In the afternoon, Jaan went out while I headed to Gyaan Ghar. I spent the academic period of class observing the teachers and making notes on feedback to give them at our meeting tomorrow. After class, I took the kids out and they taught me two more of their favorite games -- which I actually understood!!

Click here to read about our students' daily after-school routine in five succinct sentences and five verbose photographs.

After class, the three of us enjoyed a cup of tea and some memories before it was time for Jaan to take our leave and head back to Chandigarh.

I've been helping Dadi with paperwork and cleaning up some blogs of my own for the past hour or so . . . and I am SO ready for dinner. I also just realized that it's been exactly one month since I landed here in my motherland -- Jai Hind!

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