Thursday, February 9, 2012

Din 161: Long were the nights when my days once revolved around you.

As one who knows me might very well expect, my newly-established internet connection kept me up quite late last night. After significant catch-up time with my Varlets, I set out to create a "Glossary of Desi Verbiage" on the right-hand side of this page. (If you are viewing this post via email, click here for the main site.) My writing has a tendency to verge on bilingual when I am in India; please let me know if I am tossing the Punjabi around too much and I will do my best to gloss important vocabulary frequently. :)

Despite my rather late night, I woke at a not ungodly hour and accompanied Nani to another Kitty Party, where women gossip like today doesn't matter and eat like there's no tomorrow. The environs were more certainly more stimulating than the conversation -- I quite like Chandigarh Club.

We then drove past Sukhna Lake to take in some more lovely scenery (and be approached by some very friendly ducks).

After a quick stop at the supermarket, we headed home and huddled into our beds for an afternoon nap. When I woke, Nani served me some of yesterday's delicious biryani before we ventured to the park for a walk. Then it was packing and chatting until dinner and a lesson from Nanaji on canals in Punjab. O how I miss Environmental Science class! I just want to study diagrams all day long.

Nani and I watched our usual shows as I gave her a hand massage, before I retired to my room and did some last-minute packing. Now it's time to say "namaste" to Chandigarh and "namaste" to Abohar (the words for "goodbye" and "hello" are the same in Hindi) -- but I'll be back soon!

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