Saturday, February 18, 2012

Din 170: Remember this piece of yourself.

Over coffee this morning, Ruby Chachu educated me about the myriad differences between education "back in the day" and now. After a description of his career path as well as Papa's, the conversation veered towards his younger brother's career, and thus the last sentence of his story was, "So, that is the meteoric story of your illustrious dad." Presh.

Later in the day, Dadi and I munched on some apple slices while I churned out some Certamen questions (I am pictured mid-chomp below). I'm proud to say I'm now finished with the share I was assigned to write for the Harvard Certamen!

Class at Gyaan Ghar today was awesomely multi-faceted. Click here to read about my discussion of wisdom with the third graders, counseling session with some quarreling friends, and facilitation of Duck, Duck, Goose and Follow the Leader after class.

When the students left, I caught up with the little sista. I then did some more Latin work before Ruby Chachu introduced me to the movie Meet Joe Black. He challenged me to watch the first 15 minutes and then decide whether I would be interested in seeing the rest. Of course, the first scenes are so captivating that I now must know what happens next! When my 15 minutes had turned into 45, I spent some time struggling with technical difficulties in trying to video chat with my Varlets. #0 down, #1 to go. Ruby Chachu just pulled me away again to show me one of his hundreds of home videos from when we were younger -- this particular one included an adooorable Priya Gill dancing to a Punjabi song as I try to help Papa with some computer issue. I can't wait to show it to her!

It's back to Joe Black now, and then some more precious VarleTime before calling it a night!

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