Thursday, February 23, 2012

Din 175: It's difficult singing in unison with oneself.

After some below par beauty sleep last night, I awoke to thoughts of Rockstar. Dadi and I discussed the film again, still awestruck by its power and artfulness.

We then moved on to Gyaan Ghar talk, specifically involving expansion. We are thinking of moving out of current classrooms into a more spacious facility, and are considering hiring an additional teacher to further improve the student-to-teacher ratio.

After breakfast, I recorded the female track for a surprise musical project Paul De is currently working on. We'll see how it turns out!

I later enjoyed a full spa treatment at home -- massage coupled with steam in our home sauna. (Sitting in a three-feet-by-six-feet box of white alone with one's thoughts for half an hour is fun.)

Before I knew it, it was time for my open pores to head to class! I'm really happy with today's progress, since I got to present our new Sisters' Circle initiative to the school's lovely little ladies. (Click here for a summary of class.)

I was pleased with the girls' level of participation and insight, and can't wait to get some inspiring women to come address the group! Volunteers?

In the evening, I dropped by Sonal's house for some noodles and introductions. I got to meet her mom, dad, and little sister Saumya ("Donal"), who is Priya's age. I can't wait for the four of us to hang out! I also got to see Auntie's bridal studio, where I plan to avail myself of her makeup artist services soon. :)

After my sis showed me around the house and made me a delicious snack, I got to chat with Saumya a bit. The little sis complimented me on my English skills, my Hindi skills, and my acting skills (when I got down on one knee and begged her hysterically to take a photograph with me). This kid is quite a hoot. However, her Didi poses for pictures far more readily than she.

I'm back home now and eagerly awaiting the arrival of "R. Chach" at home. Let's hope I sleep better tonight!

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