Friday, February 10, 2012

Din 162: "Never refuse a good offer."

It felt like a crime to wake up before 7 today, but my English Breakfast tea soon kicked in and I was good to go. We packed up and left the house for our farm in Abohar at about 8. Before launching into any discussion of our journey, it would be wrong not to mention its highlight -- Mr. Sher Khan. This gorgeous seven-pound Toy Pomeranian is an absolute terror. Throughout the six-hour journey, he would snarl and bare his teeth at anyone who looked at him. He would growl if we talked. If we laughed, we were done for. These antics of course evoked lots of giggles from me, and thus the positive feedback loop began.

At 11, we stopped at a dhaba (that is, a yummy&greasy roadside cafe for travelers). This stop was especially welcomed by me because I have never been allowed to eat at one of these before! But this one is well-reputed and hygienic, so I fully enjoyed their potato-filled parathas dripping with butter.

Farther along our journey, we took a moment to admire the Rajasthan Canal. Nanaji was engaged in the construction of this canal in the early stages of his career as an engineer  in the Punjab Irrigation Department.

Around 2 in the evening, we were home! I have not been to our farmhouse for a good five or six years, and had forgotten how enchanting the surroundings are! (It was also under construction when I came.) We were greeted at the door with tall glasses of -- what else -- kinnow juice.

After my lunch, Nanaji took me out for a brief introduction to the grounds. He showed me the youngest crop on our property, and also told me a bit about the harvesting process as we passed contractors' employees climbing into the trees to cut the fruit.

Can you guess what I did next? That's right: "Babyji" was very sleepy and took a leisurely nap to account for what Nanaji refers to as "jet lag" (never mind that there is no time difference between Chandigarh and Abohar). I'm now up, filled with tomato soup, and pretty much ready for dinner. Nanaji just asked me at what time he has permission to wake me tomorrow, and I answered 6 -- gulp!

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