Day 89: As above, so below.

I started today with yoga, Sonnet 89, and a letter to Laura.

I then delved further into Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Brown's novels are always really exciting once you get into them, and what's really cool is that Priya is reading his Da Vinci Code now as well. The Gill sisters are Brown fans!

Between the book's fast-paced adventure scenes, I started studying for my driving test and chalking out my week. I hope to start rehearsal with Mr. Cosby soon, so we can get in the recording studio ASAP! Click here to watch the first run-through of a song I recorded with Melvin Taylor over the weekend.

In the afternoon, Nani volunteered to help me color my hair with henna. I hadn't done this in a while, so we sat in our front lawn as the sun lowered and she helped me apply the auburn goop!

While I wait to wash this mud-like substance off my head, I'm off for a quick jog on the treadmill, and perhaps another chapter of my novel. :)

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