Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 67: Fue una tortura perderte.

I spent 4 looong hours this morning performing the most fundamental cleaning of my room since we moved to Reston. Our recycling bin now sits on the curb full to the brim, and my bathroom cupboards find themselves newly functional. Wiped out after this neat freak frenzy, I treated myself to Sonnet 67, which is a continuation of 66.

In the afternoon, the family went to the theater to see Ra.One, Bollywood's most expensive film of all time. About 20 minutes in, I was ready to leave -- let's just say I think India could have found a more worthy way to spend 27.38 million US dollars. 

When I go to see a Bollywood movie, I expect a silly, relaxing, not-believable-but-entertaining 
romantic comedy. What I got today was a mix between a Hindi soap opera, James Bond, and 
the Sims. Perhaps it's just a gender thing, though -- I guess I would recommend this flick to 
any prepubescent boy who has lost his copy of Call of Duty and needs to kill 3 hours.

After this, er, adventure came a ton of laundry, a bit of exercise, and some dinner. I now pack 
my bag for tomorrow, looking forward to returning to Sasha Bruce.

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