Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 68: Let's show false Art what beauty was of yore.

I hopped out of bed at 6:45, read Sonnet 68, and went all the way to DC only to realize I was not feeling well enough to work. At 10:45, I was back in bed -- I guess some of my stomach bug still lingers!

It wasn't too bad, though: once home, I wrote to Ms. Peterson, Priya's amazing English teacher and my longtime mentor and friend. Their class is starting Shakespeare next week, so I thought I'd send her the 9 sonnets I've written and the stories behind each of them. I've posted the poems here, but to hear the stories, you'll have to ask me yourself! (Please know that I wrote some of these when I was much younger and not as metrically inclined! Wait, who am I kidding? I'm still a failure when it comes to scansion.)

After this, I did some work to help Vera make gift tags for SBY's Angel initiative, which helps make the holidays memorable for at-risk youth in DC.

I then spent some time browsing the amazingly classy blog of my good friend Katie Pope. It is an extraordinarily well done fashion blog which I would encourage all my readers to check out at

Gotta love word clouds.
In the afternoon, I planned on resting for a short while, but ended up conking out for 3 hours. It appears I really did need the rest. When I awoke from my slumber, I chatted with my sister Laura on Skype before taking a shower and donning my OP tee, given to me by my friends Jarde and Keila during my time in Recife this October. This reminded me that I should send them a message, so I shot them a quick "alô!"

I now attempt to finalize my plans for this weekend before it's time for dinner. Let's hope I'm well enough for work tomorrow!

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