Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 76: I remember feeling like this part of us would never change.

Sonnet 76 is one of my favorites so far. It is simple, understandable, and very sweet, and reminds me of the time in Junior year when I wrote:

Is it plagiarism
to copy oneself
over and
over and over

After getting ready to go to work in the afternoon, I took a minute to jot down a poem of sorts that I thought of while falling asleep last night. I then launched into another reorganization of my bedroom and bathroom.

It's hard to write about cleaning, and the hours I spent wouldn't even lend themselves well to a photo, but I am really making great progress in my room. It's become enjoyable rather than cumbersome to get dressed in the morning -- I just hope I can sustain it!

Early in the afternoon, I found out that I would have no ride to DC later in the day, so I had to find something else to do. I first read a Washington Post article about the state of education in India, and then an International Herald Tribune one on Shakespeare. The first one was obviously very applicable to my work in India, and the second one was just really good.

In the latter, Ben Brantley shares his stance on the "big question" about who really wrote Shakespeare's plays -- he doesn't care; he just loves the plays. The piece is basically a eulogy of our good friend Billy, but it's super well done. Brantley shares, "For me, Shakespeare is to his work sort of what, for others, God is to the Bible: an incredible creative intelligence subject to endless interpretations, none of which is necessarily wrong." Brantley's uncle read Shakespeare plays to him as bedtime stories as a child -- I have cut out this article, posted it on my bulletin board, and made a note to myself to raise my children this way.

After this reading, I got "sidetracked" (but hey, that's the point of life, right?) by a Woojin Kim suggestion. This impressive music video is by Kina Grannis, one of my favorite singers, and accompanies my favorite song of hers, In Your Arms. After downloading it for free on iTunes, I watched Kina's live perfomance on the Ellen Degeneres show, where she also spoke a bit about the process of shooting the video. It took two years to make!!

With this song still ringing in my head (among others), I set out to pick Priya up from the bus stop. There, I conveyed to Dee Dee the "hello" Ruby Chachu sent all the way from India! (He read about her on my blog and sent his greetings.) I also updated her on the status of our Nutcracker tickets for this Friday (waiting list) before she drove away.

Once home, I gave Priya company as she ate her after-school snack, and then started this post. It's daily basement-cleaning time -- woot woot!

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