Day 77: Estou morrendo de saudade.

I woke up this morning feeling like I was about to catch a cold. Wishing to avoid this occurence (which often befalls me), I decided against going to work.

As everyone knows, there are two ways to cure a cold. One is happiness. The other is cleaning.

Sooo, I cleaned my room from 11:00am to 4:20pm today. After facing the metaphorical monsters under my bed, I tackled the area that has been haunting me most -- papers. I started by sifting through five folders I had sorted into categories important to me as a freshman (above right). It was interesting to see the breakdown -- Writing, Gyaan Ghar, Debate, Choir, and Latin -- and think about how, if at all, it would be different today.

In the writing folder, I came across a packet from my freshman English class about Shakespeare's sonnets! Having read the 77th of the collection just this morning, and found it enjoyable to see which ones I had enjoyed five years ago. I was especially pleased to see my note next to Sonnet 27, which I read and raved about earlier this year.

"I <3 this poem!" writes 9th grade Ratna.
I also found print-outs of two of my favorite monologues from Cyrano de Bergerac, my favorite play. One of these was the "no thank you" speech I recorded on Day 1 of this year. It's so good to know that through the roller coaster of high school, some things never changed!

Once I had organized the contents of these five folders, I needed some place to put them! But my filing cabinet is territory I have consciously been avoiding for a while. No task was too big for sick Ratna today, so in I dove! Piles and piles of paper were recycled as I reorganized the cabinet into four general categories: Gyaan Ghar, Printing Materials, "Memories," and Classics. Naturally, this last drawer took the longest to organize -- but I now have a great set of Certamen references that my darling Priya can easily access!

Having "mopped till I dropped" (i.e. passed out on the floor from all the cleaning), I needed to take some time off to watch Disney Channel. Back upstairs, it was wonderful to note that it is becoming easier and easier to breathe in my room! Also great is that I feel like I can have as much fun sorting through memories while cleaning my room as I can doing anything else. And that is just what this year is supposed to be about!

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