Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 84: "The rest of the world is sweethearts."

After reading Shakespeare's wonderfully devoted Sonnet 84 this morning, I "hit the mall" with my girl Katie Pope! Intending to get lots of shopping done, we ended up spending most of our time in the food court at Tysons Galleria (which is lovely, by the way, and I never even knew it existed) catching up on one another's lives. Katie and I can discuss anything under the sun, and these few hours of her company were brilliant.

As we sat snacking at Panda Express, we were joined by the day-brightening Jenny Yao and Jacob Seo! Hanging out with my favorite siblings for the rest of the day was a blast.

Here are some highlights:

-- We all experiment with the "Eskimo" look.

-- Ratna can't wait until after the photo to dig into Priya's ice cream.

-- Jacob purchases a beautiful, "fat" scarf that he can't figure out how to wear.

-- We pose outside the only "boy-friendly" stop of the afternoon -- the guys' restroom.

-- We try on ridiculously high heels just to try to be taller than our brother.

-- Priya orders milk "so whole you can still taste the cow."

The day was full of many more jokes, stories, and adventures. It was great to hear about college from all three of these guys, and I am so proud of and impressed by what they all are doing. From Philosophy and Economics to Biochemistry to Accounting, the interests of Katie, Jenny, and Jacob are all over the place! I love being surrounded by smart people with such varied talents -- the one skill they all certainly have in common is bringing out the best in me, and making me beam like no one else can. :)

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