Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 79: Come and open up your folding chair next to me.

Yesterday must have left me more drained than I'd thought, because I woke up at 12:21pm today, perhaps later than ever before in my life.

After eating my lunch (!), I watched the second half of Pocahontas on Disney channel. This film is really intense for a children's movie! Then again, as Laura Kambo once put it, Disney movies are actually movies for adults with animation for children.

I read Sonnet 79 during an ad break, before calling up Dee Dee to discuss our Nutcracker plans for tonight. I learned that unfortunately, she will be working overtime today and won't be able to make it to the show on time! Dee Dee was really disappointed as she had been greatly looking forward to hearing Priya on the piccolo, and especially because she has never seen the ballet before.

To try to cheer her up and rejuvenate her for the long afternoon ahead of her, I packed Dee Dee a snack and set out for the bus stop. While walking, I received a phone call from my brother / best friend Kenneson Chen. We spent a few minutes catching up on current events (i.e. our respective haircuts) before hanging up, looking forward to seeing one another at Latin Convention this weekend!

With superstars Jenny and Angelica after the show.
This evening, the fam (including Laura) went to Flint Hill to watch the annual production of the Nutcracker. Here is my hard-hitting review:

IT WAS GREAT! From the costumes to the technique to the beauuutiful band (shout-out to my favorite flute and trumpet players), the show was a huge success. I had seen it last year too, so it was nice to notice the subtle changes in dress and choreography (I think?) this year. Seeing FHS teachers on stage as the adults in the story is always a hoot, and the little kids who played mini-mice and pocket-sized soldiers were adorable as ever.

I'm so glad we got to see this tonight (sold out show that it is), and Nani said this is the most fun she has had on her trip to America!

Mad props to everyone who was in the spectacular show, and best of success for tomorrow!


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