Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 71: You'll take the high road and I'll take the low road.

This morning, I headed into DC for intern consultation with Sasha Bruce Clinical Director Ginny Hughes. A group of interns got together, as they do twice a month, to discuss certain cases which are enjoying and/or challenging for them.

We also watched a very interesting video of a marriage counselor's session with a couple -- the connections she made during the therapy were mind-blowing. WOW.

Above, a student's writing practice. J had it right when she said: "Jessie, love, and Ratna -- all you need in life."

In the afternoon, Jess and I headed back to Ferebee-Hope for the program she has started for elementary school art/play/literature therapy. Our sessions today were . . . eventful (to say the least) and really made me thank my stars for the "good" behavior of my Gyaan Ghar kids.  It is awful how much these children at Ferebee have seen at such a young age, and therefore pitiable that it sometimes comes out in their behavior.

Tired from a hard day at work but rejuvenated by my daily sonnet, I now bundle up and burrow in, greatly looking forward to tomorrow's trip to New Haven!

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