Friday, November 4, 2011

"U are a jewel."

Last night, my sister Jessie took me to The Potter's House, a DC cafe/bookstore/hangout where singers, dancers, poets, and rappers get together every Thursday night for a mind-blowing open mic.

The night started with Adonis, the awesome emcee, performing his original Yes We Can.

He then invited anyone who had written anything recently to come up and freestyle. The DJ would "drop a beat" and artists would just come up and do their thing. Jess' hilarious client Jamar went up frequently to share his thoughts through rap, and his friend Dante (D-Money) could dance like nobody's business.

It was astounding to see how these guys could walk up there and spit seamless raps at the blink of an eye. Never have I seen this talent rivaled; not even by Kate Hattemer.

After this part of the show, it was time for the performances of those who had signed up to share their work. A variety of talent was showcased, from soulful R&B to light acoustic tunes. A highlight of the night was a spirited "dance battle" between two of the artists.

It is so cool to know that there are places like this in DC. I highly encourage anyone looking for something to do on a Thursday night to check it out. You'll be glad you did, and you'll leave impressed and empowered.

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