Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 78: "You think too much."

Ms. Soni and I sport our matching forest green pants.
After reading Sonnet 78 in the car this morning, I received an email notifying me that Jannah Babasa, my Certamen soulmate, will be one of my roommates at Latin Convention this weekend. So my day had been made before 8:00am.

Once in DC, I met the effervescent Monica Soni for breakfast at Farragut West! Monica attends Georgetown University, so catching up in town was perfect for us both. I was so excited to see her for the first time since our high school graduation!! Monica always makes me laugh, and we spent the next two hours animatedly catching up on all things collegiate, giggling away all the while. We plan to meet again soon after Thanksgiving for a special meeting with some International Health specialists at the World Bank -- I sure can't wait!

In great spirits after this uplifting breakfast, I headed to Sasha Bruce House, SBY's group home for girls and boys, to attend Staff Consultation with Clinical Director Ginny Hughes. Here, a number of youth counselors shared their latest "roadblocks" with Ginny, and she helped them brainstorm ways to redirect their sessions in a way more beneficial to their clients and themselves. I of course took copious notes throughout, and learned a lot lot lot.

Around noon, we got a special treat -- one counselor had brought in a family for us all to observe live! As they sat in the den at Bruce House, we staff members sat behind a glass (which appeared to the family as a mirror) and watched them, unseen, as Ginny conducted a session with them.

Sitting in that living room, you would not be able to see me taking this photo from behind the "mirror" -- so cool!

The session itself was spectacular. The family was comprised of a mother and daughter, who were very close, but facing some obstacles in communication. The hour that Ginny spent with them showed us all, as well as the family itself, how close the two are -- it was deeply moving.

At 2, I made a bolt for the metro! I had to be at Flint Hill in time to catch the bus home. On the train, I thought to myself, "Gee, why am I so uptight about being late? I have two hours to get there. Perhaps it is because I used to be petrified when I'd miss the bus in middle and high school. Why am I still scared? I think too much." (Note the BLATANT FORESHADOWING.)

Priya chats with Dana as I frantically dial the cab company.
Once I'd made it to Flint Hill, I picked up Priya from her Latin Club meeting and we dashed to the bus, arriving on time -- only to learn it had left five minutes early today. Searching for another ride, we boarded a different (stationary) bus, where we met Dana, who used to drive me home on the "late bus" sometimes. Five minutes into our conversation, Dana proclaimed, "You think too much." She went on to tell me how stressed out I am, and how I need to enjoy life more. Perhaps she is right. But when the taxi we had to end up calling took an hour to arrive and I was late too late to meet the beautiful girl I was supposed to babysit tonight, I only became more frazzled!

I look forward to a light workout and relaxing bubble bath tonight, and then I'm off to bed. On the very bright side, at least my schedule isn't as busy as Priya's!!

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