Day 75: "Hatin' is bad."

This morning, after the subservient Sonnet 75, I went to a workgroup meeting for SBY's Evaluation Committee. This meeting was led by members of the Development Office, who hope to establish a set of metrics for assessing the effectiveness of the organization's outputs. Today, we started to consolidate the many measures used to gauge Sasha Bruce's effect on the community into about five broad categories. For now, we have: 
  1. Education & Workplace Development
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Family Support
  4. Stable Housing
  5. Health & Wellness
The discussion was really interesting to me, and especially applicable as I think about evaluating and expanding Gyaan Ghar this year and in the future.

Just about to head out for the day, I learned that the last Help the Homeless Committee meeting was about to take place! I stayed to help Jill and the other members iron out the final details for this weekend. I greatly encourage you all to come out and show your support! Here's how:
  1. Click here.
  2. Choose Sasha Bruce Youthwork as your beneficiary organization. 
  3. Pat yourself on the back for supporting SBY and the work we do!
Around lunchtime, Papa picked me up and we drove home under a magnificent sky.

Back home, I slept like a log before picking darling Priya up from the bus stop. There, I learned that our bus driver, Dee Dee, plans to come see Priya perform on the piccolo in The Nutcracker this Friday -- it will be so great to spend time with her there!

As Priya started her homework, I began my own assignment from Mama: more playroom cleaning. I am actually really pleased with the progress I made today. (A good thing, too, because it took quite a while.) All organization-ed out, I'm reading for a Nani-made dinner before embarking on more of my specialty -- sleeping.

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