Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 63: Happy 11.02.2011!

Turned 18 today and I haven't changed a bit.

The day started with a kiss from my darling Priya, followed by a wake-up call from my wonderful varlets. Next came cards, gifts, and hugs from Nani, Mama, and Papa -- along with phone calls to Nanaji and Dadi. Nanaji had sent me a very sweet e-card, and Dadi had mailed me a card made by the students at Gyaan Ghar.

I spent the next few hours alternating between reading (Shakespeare's Sonnet 63 is a depressing poem about aging), cleaning (my jewelry drawer is now about 100 pounds lighter), and responding to birthday messages (thank you so much to each and every one of you who make my days so full of love).

Mama and I also flipped through an album from when I was less than a year old.

In the afternoon, Papa and I went to school to watch Priya's volleyball game -- go Flint Hill! The team played beautifully and earned a majestic win.

This evening, we enjoyed a cozy family dinner at Maggiano's. Many people there were celebrating their birthday today, and our talk was rife with "baby Ratna" stories, as well as tales from The Parents' recent trip to Bolivia and Peru.

Back at home, the family surprised me with one of Papa's signature beautiful birthday cakes. A huge photo session ensued, with the reasonably adequate Laura taking photographs with her superlative camera.

Having tucked in the rest of the family (not before helping Priya rehearse the speech she will be giving in school tomorrow), Laura and I now look forward to watching the Little Mermaid -- the Disney movie we both are proud to call our childhood favorite.

Thanks to all of you, our lovely planet, and God for a memorable day.

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