Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 70: My biggest fear is being forgotten.

When I woke up this morning, I read Sonnet 70 before buying my train ticket to New Haven for this weekend! On Saturday will be the first ever Yale Certamen -- a historic event, to be sure.

I then decided to bask in the splendid autumn sun -- I grabbed the canga (beach cloth) my Carioca friends Mila and Ana helped my buy on Ipanema, and headed outside. Imagine my surprise when I found Nani in the yard holding a sheet, about to do the same! A spontaneous sunbathing sesh ensued.

From the beaches of Brazil to the grasses of Great Falls, cangas are the way to go!!

Back inside, I spent some time making arrangements and plans with a few of my friends at my almost-alma-mater before getting cracking on packing! (Contrary to what my suitcase may imply, I am in fact attending Harvard next year, and not Yale.)

I swear I own some Harvard clothing as well.

In the afternoon, I wrote a letter to Dee Dee (my bus driver) in response to the one she had given me two weeks ago. I then walked to the bus stop to deliver my missive and welcome Miss Priya home.

Click here to read my letter.

I now brace myself to organize our playroom -- wish me luck!

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