Day 74: We found love in a hopeless place.

Last night's train ride was comprised of eating, sleeping, and chatting with Woojin Kim. Wooj and I have instituted a weekly phone call routine (thanks to Jane Darby's suggestion), and yesterday's was the first of our calls. We had a great time catching up on college, life, and college life, but next week's call will hopefully be made superfluous by our being able to meet in person instead!

Once back in DC, I was met by Papa at the station. We arrived home to find a surprise midnight tea party that Mama and Nani had arranged for his birthday today! Happy birthday, Pops.

The first half of today passed in a blur of catching up on rest. I drifted in and out of slumber, taking pockets of time to read Sonnet 74, add photos to yesterday's post, and stay nourished. Around 4, I was arisen by the wonderful alarm clock of my cousin Supreet calling to tell me about her visit to Harvard this past weekend. Yale remains her top choice.

Soon thereafter, Papa and I went to watch Priya try out for a Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) Loudoun club team. She also found out this morning that she made the NVVA Fairfax Purple team for 14-year-olds -- big congrats, little sis!!

 We now freshen up for Papa's family birthday dinner at Sweetwater Tavern -- yummm.

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