Day 80: I am not symmetrical.

I read Sonnet 80 this morning en route to Castra Latina at Flint Hill. This is where students prepare for their tests, perfect their art projects, and polish their creative art performances -- all in preparation for Virginia's state Latin Convention. 

The highlight of my morning was when my BFFL Woojin Kim walked in!! Other high points included a discussion with Mr. Chang on teaching Latin and a session spent introducing a new grammatical concept to the brilliant Christophe Simpson. Nizar and I made our traditional Starbucks run to see Miss Laura, and I had a nice chat with Bassima (his amazing mom) in the parking lot after Castra.

Back at home, I started my (very limited) preparations for a dinner we are hosting tonight, including identifying an outfit and getting some rest. I started this post waiting while Mama had her hair done.


The dinner this evening was a lovely get-together with our friends and family to celebrate how blessed we are to have such wonderful well-wishers. (I would love to write and write and write about the night, but Priya and I have to wake up about four hours from now to travel to Richmond for the convention!) 

Among the many highlights of tonight, one of my favorite moments was having "happy birthday" sung to me in American English, Brazilian Portuguese, and the Spanish of several regions!! 

I feel so fortunate to know the people who were here tonight, and thank God for their presence in my life.

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