Saturday, April 28, 2012

Din 240: "There's an endearing way to be obnoxious."

Today was the definition of a spa day.

In the morning, I dyed my hair with henna (again) to really seal the auburn deal. I then read The Power of Now and downloaded 37 songs/lectures to be transferred onto Nani's and Nanaji's mp3 players. As I was doing this (and becoming short of breath all the while), Manju Auntie arrived to begin my real spa sesh.

I basically underwent every beauty treatment under the sun, because I will have neither time nor inclination (nor cash!) for them in the States. Auntie commented that girls preparing to be married are usually the ones who do what I did today. After a good four hours with an "endearingly annoying" Ratna, she finally got to go home!

I spent the next few hours rummaging through photo albums from Mama's college days and scanning these pictures to send to my beautiful mother.

After grumbling a greeting to Priya on Skype, I sat for my hour of meditation. We then had dinner and started my packing. This means that I watched, agape in astonishment, as Nani started laying clothes in my suitcase with her trademark frighteningly meticulous precision.

For dessert, my stomach was finally sound enough to manage heaven's own Amul vanilla ice cream -- this is what I will miss most when I leave India in a few days!

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