Friday, April 20, 2012

Din 232: Befriend yourself.

Today started with a wonderful message from a friend. After reading this and a particularly resonant section of Tolle, I wrote a speech I will deliver at our Annual Gyaan Ghar Variety Show tomorrow. I would be more than happy to share the speech upon request, but would prefer not to spoil the surprise for attendees by posting it here!

I then asked Manju Auntie to help me dye (the remains of) my hair with henna. Ruby Chachu can't stop himself from taking photos of goings-on around the house, and I can't stop myself from posting the photos which Ruby Chachu takes of goings-on around the house, so here is a photograph of me with the goopy green gunk in my hair!

For the two hours that this substance had to stay in my hair, I edited my speech and laid out the prizes to be organized and gift-wrapped this afternoon.

Our teachers came early today, to complete the daunting task of packaging the presents. It took more than three hours, but I'm proud to say we're done!

My big contribution was stapling pieces of ribbon into bow shapes. This artistic achievement is almost akin to any of Athena's, in my mind.

In class, I played the mediator in a rather interesting dispute. Two girls, close friends since childhood, attend different schools. One is at a free government school while the other studies at a public school with a nominal monthly fee. In addition to hurling around other invective, the one attending the public school mocked the other for going to a government school because her family could not afford any better. There was much more to the argument than this, but for my understanding, I found it interesting to note that people from all walks of life enjoy ridiculing whomever is below them.

Once tears had (perhaps temporarily) fled, the class broke into groups to rehearse their various acts. I went outside with the Bhangra group, and had to exhibit a lot of self control to stop myself from making a fool of myself by dancing in front of my students!

After a bit more play and a lot more work, I finally plopped down for my hour of meditation. It was all I could do to quiet the checklists racing through my mind, and I commenced organization again straight after the session. This time it was editing music and printing programs. But there was pleasure interspersed also -- my new nails have been drowned in sparkles; my awesome Ovid has been imbibed.

And now it's time for bed, with a long day ahead!

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