Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Din 223: My mind is subjunctive.

I write this post by lamplight (or, rather, laptoplight) since the power just went out due to a darling downpour of refreshing rain. Nani and I just came inside after a very pleasant time spent sitting outside and fulfilling our moral duty of “rescuing” the Amul vanilla ice cream from melting due to lack of refrigeration. The contents of the tub are now safe in our tummies.

Before dinner and the egress of electricity, I enjoyed half an hour of focused meditation in Nanaji’s company. I had been a bit flustered before the session and was afraid I would not be able to properly purify my mind, but, as I wrote in my missive to Priya on the power of the present, one never knows how these things will turn out.

The reason I had been frazzled before the sitting is that I had spent the last hour downloading a number of songs, prayers, and meditation chants for Nanaji’s iTunes, only to have them all rendered useless when I actually tried to play them. Uncooperative technology really frustrates me, but c’est la vie!

Prior to this, I had pranced around in my new sari as my grandparents followed in tow, obediently snapping the photos I demanded. Don't let my "radiant" air fool you -- I was very grumpy throughout because I was having trouble focusing my camera, and it was hot outside. Little diva.

Earlier in the day, Nani and I had met Bhupinder Auntie and Sarbjit Uncle for lunch. This family was instrumental in my mother and father meeting, so they have something to do with my being in this world! How could I ever thank them? :)

Lunch was amazing, both in terms of the food (don't get me started) and the general warmth buzzing around the room as we all caught up. The first thing Auntie said to me upon our meeting was how much my voice resembles my mother's. That is something I have been hearing from a lot of people recently, and it's really freaking me out! Neither Mama nor I have ever noticed this before . . .

Over dessert, we discussed how close I am with my grandparents in this day and age, and how even Nani and Auntie were not so close to their grandparents at my age. Knock on wood! I find it so enjoyable to be staying here alone in my grandparents' home, pretending to be their daughter. :)

In the morning, we had visited the doctor to delve further into my constant headaches. Dr. Sachdev says I simply need to "learn to relax." I read The Power of Now while sitting in the waiting room, and Tolle's philosophy should help to educate me in this regard!

My day started with a video call to my three sisters -- Supreet, Gujri, and Priya -- who are hanging out at Casa Gill without me. Missing you all . . .

Well, the power's back and I'm off to bed in the beautiful breeze. Good night!

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