Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Din 237: I was drowning in joie de vivre.

I shuffled out of bed with my newly acquired upset stomach this morning and prepared for an interview with the Times of India. Journalist Nidhi Singhi arrived at Gyaan Ghar soon thereafter and spent an hour with Dadi and me, asking about our concept, our current programs, and our future plans. (I was being served sickie food all the while.) I think the interview went well, and I look forward to seeing the piece when it is published.

As I started to sneak back to my room for a nap, Sodi Auntie and Rajbir Uncle came over to visit! We sat in the lobby and watched the video recording of our 3rd annual Gyaan Ghar Variety Show and Awards Ceremony. It has come out well!

As the recording was ending, students started to trickle in. We finished up the letters to our Newton School pen pals as a photographer from the Times snapped shots.

I was doing my best not to get sick during class, and finally made it back to my room to rest for a few minutes before Sonal and Raina joined me at home to say goodbye! Our "farewell party" spread consisted of various types of khitchdi (more sickie food). Yum.

Sonal and I didn't even plan this!

It was already way past my bedtime, but I had promised two more families that I would visit their homes before leaving Ludhiana. So it was off to Bhola Auntie's house to enjoy looking at snacks that I couldn't eat, and then to Anita Auntie's house, where I consumed a stomach tonic. I was falling over during both of these meetings, but having a lot of fun chattering away nonetheless, so I managed to survive.

I stumbled home (literally) in time for dinner, where I ate nothing. I sent the Times a few more anecdotes about our school before breathing a sigh of relief and heaving myself into bed.

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