Friday, April 27, 2012

Din 239: Everything starts looking like what you're looking for.

I was able to eat today! I started my day with a banana (yuck) and some Power of Now before getting the world's best massage from the world's best masseuse.

Nani then haunted the tailor with a grumpy Ratna in tow, nagging him about the final details of my latest dress. I was happy when we got out of there and headed to a stall selling bangles. Turns out sparkles are the cure for stomach infections! I learned that I have not outgrown my childhood craze of chuddiyan, as made evident by the fact that while most people buy these bracelets by the dozen, I asked Nani to get me entire industrial packs full. Greedy granddaughter.

I didn't buy quite all of these . . .

At home, I mustered the strength to model some of the saris stitched for me at Nilibar (to check the fitting) before collapsing for a nap (and attempted meditation session).

After my hours and hours of napping, Nani and I returned to the tailor to pick up my again altered lehnga. Back home, I wrote a dedication on the first page of my grandfather's new copy of The Power of Now -- thank you for heeding my recommendation, Nanaji! We then had a lengthy discussion about spirituality and well-being.

After my first dinner in days (congratulations are in order!), I compiled some photographs of clotheslines from around the world into a virtual album which you can view by clicking here.

Then, I took Nanaji to his ancestral village in Pakistan -- via Google Earth! We visited the temple, his home, and the neighborhood school.

Since then, I've just been catching up on blog posts I was too sick to write, and continuing to neglect my packing . . .

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