Thursday, April 19, 2012

Din 231: I'm looking for something.

This morning, Dadi and I sifted through the wardrobe so generously donated by Sabina Auntie to find a few outfits for students to wear during their acts this Saturday.

Later, I set up a Skype account for Dadi, which our Gyaan Ghar students will also be able to use for video-counseling when I return home.

I then went to Malwa Public School, where many of our students study during the day, to invite their Headmistress and Principal to our upcoming event. A few excited students spotted me at the school and started a raucus. Oops!

Back home, it was time for lunch and a trip to the store to pick up awards which will be distributed to the students at the Variety Show. The host of pencils donated by Sabina Auntie will also come in handy for this purpose!

I returned home as the students were polishing their pieces. During practice today, a member of the administration made a rather insensitive comment about the students' backgrounds, which made me largely lachrymose. I had to step inside to collect myself, and be reminded that our mission is much deeper than it sometimes seems -- in addition to empowering less privileged sections of the society, we must mobilize its more privileged members to respect and honor their fellow citizens. Stereotypes are like really stubborn blackheads!

I also had a really positive experience in class today. While most students worked on their homework, I took a few who had finished next door to practice Anapana. There, a group of girls told me that they had practiced 15 minutes of concentrated breathing at home last night, when they had found themselves unfocused while working. I love to hear that this tool is already coming in handy for some of our little ones!

I was ready for some meditation of my own this afternoon, and sat for a session before circumambulating the park 8 times and reading some obligatory Ovid. Ruby Chachu just walked through the door, so I'm off to spend some time with him!

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