Thursday, April 26, 2012

Din 238: It's embarrassing that I was embarrassed.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning, stomach bug and all, and started limping up and down the stairs to Gyaan Ghar to leave some last surprises in the classroom for my students before departing.

Sensible Dilip finally told me, "if you're sick, you should probably stop running around," and I tried to have some breakfast before packing my bags and preparing to leave. Dadi and I got in the car around 11:30 and were in Mohali by 1. There, we visited Gurnam Singh Uncle, Dadi's cousin brother and Papa's favorite Mamaji by far. We had a lovely time chatting with him over soft drinks, lunch, and tea, and we could tell we made his day. He certainly made ours! I have promised to bring the rest of the family with me next time, and I will!

We arrived at Chandigarh in the early afternoon, and surprised Nani and Nanaji, who thought I was coming tomorrow! We snuck up to the gate and opened it without a creak, then tiptoed to the front door and were about to enter when the Demon Dog gave us away with his hysterical yelping. To be expected.

Nevertheless, my grandparents were very happy with the surprise, and we enjoyed (or, they enjoyed) dinner before cozily settling in to watch the video recording of our recent Variety Show at Gyaan Ghar. They especially liked the Radha-Krishan dance by Shivani and Divya!

They wish they could have been there, and Nanaji at least has promised to be in attendance next year. After giving them a quick idea of all the acts, I popped out the disc for them to keep and hurriedly huddled into bed.

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