Monday, April 23, 2012

Din 235: Close enough.

This morning, Dadi and I visited Punjab College of Technical Education to seek advice from Harpreet Kang, the principal's wife, on how we can support the students of Gyaan Ghar as they start to think about higher studies. This meeting was very helpful in making us aware of a number of vocational training courses our students would be able to access free of cost, as well as the many ways to finance a college education at a school like PCTE. We also learned that Mrs. Kang's mother, whose name happens to be Mrs. Gill, was a student of Dadaji's!

Soon after reaching home, I met with an applicant for the new teaching position at our learning center. (She also studies at the school where Dadaji used to teach!) After interviewing Gunjan, I invited her to give the class a sample lesson. The students loved her!

For the rest of class, we worked on our responses to letters from The Newton School, started by Flint Hill's own Abraham family! Students were really excited to see the messages from their pen pals across the world, along with the photos enclosed. They worked hard on starting their replies.

While the class was working on this, I pulled students outside for individual pictures to be attached to their letters.

Just as I had come in from the heat and taken a shower, we received guests at home. I snatched ten minutes of rest/meditation before beginning preparations for this evening's Gyaan Ghar Executive Board meeting.

The paucity of attendance did not detract from the power of our productivity tonight. Dr. Anita Joshi, Dr. Gursaran Sidhu, Dadi, and I discussed in detail the issues facing our learning center at this time, and our plans as we move forward.

I apologize for the brevity of this post, but as a fairly famous writer once said, "brevity is the soul of wit." Happy birthday, Shakespeare!

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