Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Din 222: My goal in life is to live.

The minute I woke this morning, I got to work on yesterday's blog post, which I had not been able to complete last night due to my splitting headache. My cabeza felt better this morning, and I joined Nani and Nanaji for a breakfast of parathas and yogurt made in a Ratna-sized (tiny) bowl.

Nani and I then left the house for Param Auntie's boutique. As we waited for a tailor to help us, I read a few pages in The Power of Now, finishing the first chapter. I love my new daily reading!

After depositing some cloth and my measurements, we stopped at a fruit shop on the way home. I lazily snapped photographs as Nani picked out all my favorites!

Upon arriving back, I got to work setting up a Skype account for Nanaji, and teaching him to make video calls. We started by Skyping one another from the same room and then he graduated to talking to Mama in America later in the day.

After lunch and a nap, I chatted with Nizar at length about school, college, and his senior project. This talk was long overdue, and I enjoyed catching up with my Varlet while also taking the minutes of our entire conversation (wait, isn't he the secretary?). I then went for a brisk walk in the park -- don't want to become a pudgy Punjabi!

My blood flowing and my pores sweating, I settled in for my daily hour of meditation after returning inside. The difference today was this: Nanaji meditated with me! My grandfather has also attended a 10-day Vipassana course (albeit 18 years ago), so today was his refresher. Now that there is another student of meditation in the family, Nanaji promises to practice more regularly! As for me, today was the first day I kept my legs crossed, without moving them even slightly, for the entire hour. So that was new. I can't call it progress because I could easily revert to a fidgety and restless state tomorrow -- one never knows -- but it was nice to observe.

By this point, we had kept Nani waiting long enough, so we joined her for a dinner punctuated with the bliss that is Amul vanilla ice cream -- honestly my favorite taste in the world.

I then caught up on my "favorite" Indian television shows and surprised Nani by saying I was going to change (presumably into my pajamas) but showing up in the sari I had gotten made in Mumbai. She loved it! It's beddy-bye for Ratna now -- another great day lies ahead!


  1. Ratna, to answer your question, no I am not the secretary. I'm the Editor. You know, that position you held for a whole year before I took over? :P

  2. Ratna.... put up ur pics in saree... unless uve planned
    any perfect occassion :D