Saturday, January 28, 2012

Din 149: "There is a treasure trove of talk."

I just love India. From the slight change in scent after disembarking from the plane to the Magic Masala chips and cashew cookies I enjoyed after collecting my luggage, the country is a treat. If the rest of the world is a snack for the senses, India is a banquet.

Having come through customs, I found Ruby Chachu and filled him in on my time in London (though he already reads my blog religiously). Today's drive from New Delhi to Ludhiana was only a record-breaking five hours! We arrived in Dadiji's arms after a smooth and relaxed ride.

Once home, I chatted with Dadi before performing some "blog maintenance." (Click here to read all about our trip to London in one place!) I then lay down to rest awhile. I must have been a bit more tired than I realized, as I ended up sleeping from 10:30AM to 5:30PM. Namaste, jet lag! In the evening, I arose and had some "lunch."

Then, Ruby Chachu and I went out on a special errand. Tomorrow is the wedding of my cousin Nippi -- what a wonderful way to start my time here in India! We drove up to Mal Road and purchased a pair of Punjabi jutti to match the shalwar kameez ("suit") I plan to wear tomorrow. Am I excited or what?

In the evening, I read Sonnet 149 before the three of us over here talked with Mama and Priya on Skype. I now creep closer and closer to taking a bath, though I am terrified because it is so very cold here. Wish me luck!

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