Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 125: No doubt in my mind where you belong.

After completing my new sonnet-on-bus ritual this morning, I marched into the ceramics studio and learned a second way to construct a bowl. This technique is especially suited to geometric vessels, and involves flattening clay into "slab" before cutting out the individual pieces to be assembled into a dish.

Before cutting though, one may imprint the slab with a design of her choosing. My favorite of my pieces of slab are engraved with my favorite sonnet (i.e. the only one I have memorized), Keats' Sonnet 635.

After texturizing the slab and cutting it into squares and trapezoids (to become bases and sides respectively), I shifted gears to my mini-internship by attending the beginning of one of Ms. Deveneau's US History lectures.

Today's class was on the Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg address, and I had almost forgotten how mesmerizing Ms. Deveneau's teaching style is. To me, her classes are half-lecture, half-motivational speech -- though they never stray from historical material. It's astounding.

In the process of being blown away, I spotted Jennifer in the hallway and stepped out of class to catch up with her on the latest. Before we knew it, class was over and it was time for lunch. I had my meal with Anna Lombardo, a student who just transferred to Flint Hill from her all-girls school in Canada. I look forward to mentoring her in History, as well as making her transition as smooth as possible in any way I can. I can't imagine switching high schools, let alone countries!

After food and fun, it was back to ceramics! As I started to assemble my bowls, Jennifer and Monica arrived just in time to tease and taunt, ridiculing my efforts (oh, and helping me as well).

My fingers utterly spent, I ambled to the Latin classrooms, where the Classics department teachers were making last minute edits to the Certamen questions for this Saturday. After helping to edit a few rounds, I slipped out for dinner before tonight's big alum event.

Tonight's Alumni College Panel had a great turnout! About 15 recent Flint Hill graduates briefed this year's juniors and seniors on the college applications process and college itself. I hope it was useful for the current students, because it sure was a great way for the alums to catch up! (Please pardon the pathetic parsimony of pictorial punctuation of this particular proceeding on my part; the above photo was procured from the stealthy and spy-like Arman Azad.)

After the event, I basically passed out in the car. I may be coming down with a cold (being out from 7am to 9pm is tiring!) so I'm planning to take it easy tonight.

God bless you all!

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